Tiki Bar

I made the Tiki bar itself out of wood, and bought someĀ  grass placemats at the dollar store to make the roof.

The stools are also made out of wood, and I carved the faces into them. The surfboard is carved out of wood, and then painted and covered in a gloss finish. I made the palm tree out of a number of materials. I used a wire base, paper Mache around the wire for the trunk, I cut the leaves out of leaves from artificial plants. The coconuts in the tree, are made out of clay and tiny rope fibres. I also painted parts of it to make it look real.

the oranges, pineapples, bananas are all made out of clay. The bottle labels are made out of paper, and the bottles themselves are made from cut and sanded lite brite pegs. I made the base out of foam so I could stick the tree and surfboard into it, on a very thin wood base. It was then decorated with sand and tiny shells.