The General Store and Cafe

   I originally built this store because of the staircase.

I had always wanted to try building a spiral staircase, and I actually just built it on its own, without a building.

It stayed in a box, carefully, because it was not an easy staircase to make, especially considering I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. Eventually I decided I had to build it a home, and an old full of character, general store and café came to mind.

I got the name of the store “Williams” from a relative on my moms side who had a general store by that name. This shop is run by an older yet wonderfully eccentric,  mentally young woman.

She lives in a little beach house and an has an art studio about 10 miles away on the other side of town. Her store is next door to her grown son who she adores, his beautiful wife, who is more like a daughter, and her precious grandchildren. Her grandchildren often come into her shop to enjoy the candies and treats she sells, with the promise not to tell mommy of course.

It may be a little beach town shop, but has an elegant little garden and fountain in the front. As with the dollhouse, this large and handbuilt store/café is available for sale in theory. We would have to work out shipping as it is very heavy, very large, and delicate with the wiring. You can contact me to discuss this further. It would sell for 2,000 plus shipping.

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