Mole End

Mole end is based on an actual house by the same name in New Zealand. It is owned by a special cousin of mine.

Going there is like walking into Lord of the Rings, Middle earth, and my cousin reminds me of the Gandalf type. Therefore, I made a copy of his real house but turned it into a wizard’s home. The first time I walked in its doors I fell in love with the place and its magical people.

As well as being a work of love, Mole end was a major challenge. It took over a year to complete.

It is based on a real house, so not all the rooms face the front. It has an upstairs loft that covers the hallway, office and 2 bathrooms downstairs. So the question was, how do I make it and still be able to see all the rooms below the loft?

To complicate it farther, the landscaping around the house and the deck on the roof is a critical part of the model, so how can you see the lower rooms if you need landscaping and trees that need to remain in place. On top of that, scale was a huge problem, as the house is so long there was no way I could do it in 1/12 scale, but I had a lot of detail to fit in. So I made the base the size of the piece of furniture I wanted to put the finished model on and built up from there.

I’m not even sure what scale it is. I built my wizard near the beginning, so I could judge his size against doors, windows and walls. Unconventional maybe, but it works.

There is a beautiful coffee table book made about this house that includes the close-ups of all the rooms and a whole section on “the making of” and the true story behind the making of this magical place.

This house is not for sale but there is a lovely coffee table book available in the store section of this website.

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