Maori Meeting House

Most of my mom’s immediate family lives in New Zealand.

My grandmother married a Canadian which is how I ended up here. But I grew up with the photos, music, stories, souvenirs and visitors, from New Zealand.

The Maori tattoos and warrior faces both terrified me and fascinated me as a young child. Pictures of the boiling mud and carved buildings triggered my imagination, stories and magazines of an unconventional artist cousin became a role model to me. Visitors from the far away side of my family further built the bond.

In 2005 I finally was able to go there and spend time getting to know that other side of me and to my surprise found my hearts home in the people, the culture and the beautiful landscape.

I was in awe of the Maori meeting places. Every square inch of these beautiful buildings was carved and woven.

I knew I wanted to challenge myself in some way to recreate these beautiful buildings.    I hand sculpted, carved and handpainted every part of this building inside and out over many months.  This truly unique and one of a kind building is available to buy for 1500.00. It is quite heavy and delicate, so I would need to figure out shipping costs.

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