The Green House

I walked into a clothing store that was closing down and one of the decorations for sale was a simple metal house shaped frame, with plexiglass,,there was no floor to it, but certainly lent itself to being a miniature building.   I bought it, and made a wood base floor, I use painted coffee stir sticks to lay the wood part of the floor, and I hand made clay tiles and placed them individually in a pattern with bits of landscaping for effect for the centre part of the floor.

The finished  greenhouse is a world apart, where the miniature gardener goes to lose the hours in potting and tinkering, watching tiny seeds sprout to beautiful flowers ,and lovingly caring for her or his precious plants.

The brick patterned floor is all hand made and mortared into place. The flowers are handmade, many from tiny wires, glue and paint. I also used some dried pieces of real plants.

This unique one of a kind greenhouse is available to buy for 575.00.   Contact me if you’d like to purchase it.

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