The Beach House

Like many slightly crazy miniaturists with too much time on their hands, I usually have full stories in my head about the places that I make. The beach house is no exception. They also usually have something to do with what I would like in my own life.

I often picture myself living in a beach house right on the ocean, with an art studio next door.

That being said, this beach house is owned by the lady who owns the general store. (another project)

It was handed down through a few generations and still has the old cast iron stove. A bathroom has been put in where a small closet used to be. She lives there with her spoiled kitty and has regular visits from her children and grandchildren.

It is right on the ocean where she loves to comb the beach for shells, glass and odds and ends, or sit on the beach reading and drinking her coffee and listening to the music of the waves crashing on the shore.

Her grandchildren build sand castles and run in the surf.

The house is usually neat enough, but sand always trails up the stairs and into the rooms, and she likes it that way, she believes that if a house is too clean than you can’t fully enjoy it. This house is for sale for 2,000.  It is very heavy and fragile so you would have to contact me about shipping.

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