Welcome to Sweet Somethings Miniatures.

Creating miniatures is my passion. Because of that, what’s in this site will change fairly often, so please remember to check back and see what’s new.

I do not use kits, though at times I may add a bought miniature to something I’ve made to give that extra detail.

I mainly sell through this website, and my miniatures make their rounds to different miniature shows.

In the gallery, you may see a bed that is perfect, except it’s a little too wide for your room, or I don’t have the kind of painting you want. Just contact me, and more than likely I can make one for you at no extra cost.

I mainly do commissions, instead of a store format, as each piece is one of a kind. I give approximate prices on each page, from paintings and furniture to sculpted wall carvings.

I am also very interested in what you’ve been doing. Send me your pictures and share them with me and my readers on my sweet somethings miniatures facebook page . Your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome, so please use the contact form for whatever you’d like to say. Click on any picture in any page to enlarge. Each page also has a contact form. Use the description under the picture if you want to order something similar.

Now relax, check out the site, be inspired and inspire me.

Nancy Pequegnat

Below are examples of things you’ll find on other pages.